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Crankshaft End Tables

Digging deeper into the engine's internals you will find the crankshaft. Now standing up vertically this V8 crankshaft creates a very unique and modern looking end table.  The large flywheel gear top completes the piece giving it a clean but industrial looking style.  Shown here in gloss black are transparent steel this table comes with a 20” round glass top (as shown) or with a 20” square glass top.



Table height and gear top dimensions can vary from table to table and engine make and model. The end tables shown here have a Height of 23.5", A gear top diameter of 14.25” and a base diameter of about 10.25" with a 20" glass top. Weight: Approx. 100lbs. 


Visit our shop to see what tables we have in stock or fill out and submit the form for a custom quote for the table that you have in mind.

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