Just like our other fold down shelves but now offered larger and in other geometric shapes. This is beautiful but simple wall art that doubles as functional shelves.   Great in small spaces like bathrooms or tight kitchens. Even works in large areas like game rooms or dens where when entertaining guests when you need a resting place for drinks and plates. These shelves are art you can actually use. For specific colors type and different sizes or shapes not mentioned below, please message before purchase to make sure we can accommodate. As shown shelves are as described. 

Overall diameter 31”. Top shelf 24” wide by 6” deep. Next shelf 30” wide; then 30” wide; lastly 24” wide. The bottom part of the circle is not a shelf and is simply flush mounted.

over all 25” tall. Each shelf is 6” deep. The dimensions are as followed from top to bottom. Top triangular piece is 7.75 long/wide by 6” deep. The next shelf is 16.25” wide. Then 24.75” wide; then lastly 33.25” wide.

Geometric floating Shelves

Shelf Color