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High End Metal Home Furnishings

Outside of metal repair and custom builds, over the years Alaris Invent has made a name for unique one of-a-kind cool and exciting art pieces and our newest one is no exception. We're very proud to present our original and worlds first engine block fire pit table, complete with foot gas pedal and literal turn key ignition flame igniter.  Whether you're a car enthusiast or just enjoy unique fire pits this piece is sure to thrill and entertain all. 


Each table is custom built one at a time specific to our customers specifications.  Any color scheme, style or engine block desired we can make it happen..

These builds have gained national and world wide recognition for its uniqueness, ingenuity and worlds first of builds. Recognized by Top Gear, The Robb Report, and Motor1, and many others, our builds are like nothing else. Let us build you a one-off amazing custom piece.

Shown in the pictures are our most popular builds.

A fire pit engine table in a faux patina paint.  Followed by a clean silver and black v10 dodge viper engine block fire pit table. 

For more information hit the custom quote below.

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