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A concept that has been in my sketch book for a while and has finally come to life. A functional art piece that’s a lamp that’s part Madmax and part Terminator. Apocalyptic, barbaric and grimy industrial. It has lived in my dreams/nightmares and is now alive…alive-ish lol. Love it and a little afraid of it but nonetheless I’m pleased with how it came out. The metal work was a process and the wiring was definitely a challenge. The concept outside what was stated, the piece is conveying motion. The spear piercing the skull is not static but conveying motion. The spear is supposed to be sharp but also hot, melting the skull and leaving an after glow as it bursts forth.

This is 1 of a very limited series as they can’t be mass produced only painfully crafted one at a time. That’s not being dramatic my hands have literally bled forming the metal to make the skull. Note, the lamp tip comes with two different attachments shown in the pictures.

If this one doesn’t do it for you then message me and let me know a version that you see. Different weapon? Different colors? I can accommodate. Thanks for looking and follow on social media for more builds. Thanks!!

Lamp info:

Height: 32”

Depth and width: approximately 6-7” at its widest.

Weight: approximately 15 lbs.

Skull lamp Made to Order

Excluding Sales Tax
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